Portsmouth Crypto Altcoin Exchange


Brought to you with special thanks to Adam Rizvi of CrytoBates Group & CoinFestUK

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About The Exchange:

If you're new to crypto currency then you'll find this to be one of the most useful tools that you're going to come across. There are many different blockchain based currencies and this exchange allows you to quickly and (relatively) anonymously exchange between them. IP information is stored on the Shapeshift servers.

To use the exchange simply select the currency you wish to sell on the left, and on the right select the currency you wish to purchase, then enter your receiving address in the box.

You'll be shown the current exchange rate which includes the transfer fee and prompted to send te currency you wish to sell to the address provided. Within minutes the currency you've chosen to purchase will be sent straight to your given wallet address.

And that it! No muss, no fuss! A quick simple exchange mechanism with no need to sign in and no passwords required! Give it a try today!

If you've ever wanted to experiment with Bitcoin and digital currency you can now do it all under one roof...this roof! Get yourself a wallet from the menu bar at the top of this page, go to our integrated faucet page, get some free coins and come back here to exchange them for the currency of your choice! Pick wisely and you might find yourself making more than you expected!